Hospice Care

Hospice, or end-of-life care, is a special option for patients and their families when curative treatment is no longer an option.  It emphasized on pain management, symptom control and comfort, rather than curative treatment.

Believing that quality of life is as important as length of life, we provide holistic care and support to terminally ill, patients and their families in the comfort of their home or a facility. We accomplish this by addressing their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

At the time of admission, we make sure the patient has pain control measures in place and any equipment necessary for their comfort.  When the family needs to get away, we will stay with the patient for as long as the family needs. And after death, we will continue to stay in touch with the family as they work through the grieving process.

Hospice-Care of Sangamon County employs a team of interdisciplinary professionals consisting of physicians, registered nurses, medical social workers, spiritual counselors and volunteers who work together to insure that the best personalized care is being received.

Services Disciplines involved
Equipment set-up Hospice Physician
Symptom control Registered Nurse
Personal assistance Home Health Aide
Bathing Medical Social Worker
Feeding Spiritual Counselor
Laundry Volunteers
Respite Care  

“Thank you so much for the care you gave my mom – she loved each of you… I never worried about her care.”  - Sharon

“You helped make dad’s last days with us very special, and your care and concern for him and us has been so comforting.” - Fannie, Carolyn, Susan, Karl and Joanne

“Thank you for all your help and support throughout Bill’s illness.  We could not have completed this journey without you.”  - Mary, Kathy and Bern

Call us.  A registered nurse is available to make a free evaluation visit to the patient.

Hospice Common Myths & FAQs

Myth:  Hospice is only for people in their last days of life.
FAQ:  Eligibility requirements should not be confused with length of service.  Medicare eligibility limits the prognosis to 6 months or less but does not limit the time of service to 6 months.  One may receive hospice care for as long as necessary when a physician certifies that he or she continues to meet eligibility requirements.  Hospice care helps foster more quality time for patients to spend with their loved ones and often these patients live longer than those not receiving hospice cares.

Myth:  Hospice means giving up control.
FAQ:  Hospice care is customized based on input from the patient, the family, the physician and the Alterna-Care interdisciplinary care team.  Whether the patient resides at home or in a facility, we address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and the family.

Myth:  Hospice is just about dying.
FAQ:  We believe that the quality of life is just as important as length of life.  At the time of admission, we make sure the pain control measures are in place as well as any equipment necessary.  When curative treatment is no longer an option, our experience nursing staff is ready to provide the comfort and support the patient and family require in order to make the most of the time left.

Myth:  Hospice care is only for the patient.
FAQ: While patient care is foremost, hospice care is holistic and designed to support the needs of all the family members and caregivers. When the family needs to get away, we will stay with the patient during the time of respite.And after death, we will continue to stay in touch with the family as they work through the grieving process.

This self-assessment can help you determine if now is the right time to talk to your family and physician about Alterna-Care Hospice Care.

Lately, I need assistance with:
Getting out of bed
Preparing meals
Getting dressed
Taking a shower or bath

How many statements apply to your situation?
I've become weaker and more fatigued
I've become short of breath, even at rest
I've lost weight
I've fallen several times in the recent months
I've been hospitalized or needed emergency care several times in the past year
The pain medications I take are not working as well as they used to
I spend a good part of my day lying in my bed or just sitting
I am experiencing swelling
I am on oxygen most of the time
I am calling my doctor more often than I used to
My doctor has said that my life expectancy is limited

If you are experiencing four or more of these situations, you may benefit from our programs and services. Call us. A registered nurse is available for a free evaluation to the patient.

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